Malpe Homestay @ Rs.350 per person per day

7km from Malpe Beach
Sleeps 10. Self Service Villa with Kitchen.

Money Back Guarantee | Book On Phone | Pay on Arrival
10 Beds, 3 Baths. Self Service Kitchen.
Tariff starts @ Rs.350 /day per person. (min 3 persons)
1. Non A/c Rooms: Rs. 1050 / day (3 persons), Rs. 350 / extra person
2. A/c Room: Rs.1500 / day (3 persons), Rs.500 / extra person

An affordable Malpe homestay near Malpe beach. This is a villa with 2 individual apartments and a common lobby on the first floor. A fully functional kitchen with a refrigerator, lets you cook up your own home-made favorites.

Location: 7 km from Malpe Beach. Click here for more on Malpe homestay location

Pictures: Check out more pictures in our Malpe homestay picture gallery.

An open gallery over-looks coconut palms and a flower garden. Enjoy the calm here. Listen to the birds singing. Read a book. Take a nap in a hammock.

Do’s and Don’ts for Malpe Homestay:

  1. We accept bookings over phone. You may pay on arrival. You will need to make full advance payment before check-in. Do check the rooms and amenities before you check-in. You are free to refuse/cancel your booking, with zero cancellation charges, if not satisfied. If you have made any advance payments, your money will be refunded immediately. No questions asked.
  2. This home stay is provided as a vacation rental for self use and self-service on as-is basis. Please do not expect any further services from us / the property owner after you have checked in.
  3. Please carry an Identity card for every member in your group. You will need to email copies of these at the time of booking and produce originals when you arrive. This is mandatory and non-negotiable.
  4. This is a home stay, not a guest house. The property owner lives on the ground floor of the villa and will be giving you the first floor for self-use. Please take care of the property like you would take care of your own home.
  5. While you are most welcome to have fun and enjoy your stay here. Please maintain decorum and do not create a ruckus or undue loud noise. We do not accept any disturbance to our neighbors. If such behavior is noticed, we will notify you. If the disturbance continues, we may ask you to leave. This is again non-negotiable.
  6. Please maintain cleanliness and do not soil the walls.

Amenities provided in Malpe Homestay:

  1. 24 hours water supply
  2. Inverter Back-up for electric supply
  3. 2 apartments with attached bath and 5 beds each
  4. Bed-sheets for all beds
  5. Pillows and pillow covers
  6. 1 Functional kitchen
  7. 1 Refrigerator

Interesting Places Around Malpe Homestay:

Udupi has a lot of interesting places to explore. Below are some of the places within 100 km of our Malpe Homestay.

Malpe Beach:

7 km – A pristine beach with white sand. The beach has something to offer for everyone. Local food stalls offering fresh coastal food, water sports, beach bikes, adventure sports, Camel rides. There is something happening for everyone. If you like the quiet, walk a little away from the crowd and a vast stretch of the beach is still untouched and beautifully quiet.

A sunset on Saint Mary’s Island. This beautiful sunset was captured while travelling back on boat to Malpe Beach from Saint Mary’s Island. Malpe Beach is 7 km from our Malpe Homestay

St. Mary’s Island:

15 min boat ride from Malpe Beach – This is a beautiful little island  with a mysterious look. The island hosts a special variety of volcanic rock. The rocks look like turtle back on the surface and have a beautiful pattern and texture.

Udupi Krishna Mutt:

7 km – A holy pilgrimage center for many Hindus, the Krishna idol here is unique. The deity here does not hold the traditional flute. He holds a ‘kadagola’, a local kitchen tool used to separate butter from butter-milk. The deity also stands with its back towards the entry. There has a special story connected to it.

Kaup Beach:

20 km from Malpe Homestay – This beach is home to a beautifully maintained functional lighthouse. It offers some great views of the Arabian sea and the coastal town of Udupi. Entry closes at 6 pm so try to be there around 5 pm.

Karkala – Bahubali –

40 km – This monolith statue is perched on top of a hill. A stone staircase helps you climb up the hill. Views from here are ecstatic. This is one of two statues of lord Mahaveera in Karnataka. The award winning sculptor who created this statue is from Karkala.