Malpe Homestay Gallery

Malpe Homestay Gallery:

Here are some fun pictures from in and around Malpe homestay. Besides, the Malpe Beach and St. Mary’s island, we’ve tried to provide some interesting pictures from Kaup Beach, Padubidri Beach, Kodi Bengre or Delta Beach. We’ve also added pictures from near by churches and temples. There are also some great Flora and Fauna around to make your stay special. Get peek into some of them here.

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What you see in this Saint Mary’s island Gallery:

A sunset on Saint Mary’s Island. This beautiful sunset was captured while travelling back on boat to Malpe Beach from Saint Mary’s Island. Malpe beach is 7 km from our Malpe homestay. The Boat ride costs Rs.200/= per person to & fro. It is a good 20 minute ride by boat one way, and the boat waits for you on the coast of the island. It is quite a feeling to see the boat marooned on the coast waiting for you to be back from your adventure on the island. A great experience!

A Turtle on Saint Mary’s Island. We found this beautiful turtle on the coast of Saint Mary’s Island. Beautiful creature!

A mystical shelter perched on top of Saint Mary’s Island.

Turtle Back Pattern on all rocks on Saint Mary’s Island. This is a special kind of rock found in only 3 places in the world. Formed from volcanic lava these uniquely shaped rocks look like natural pillars from the side and have a turtle back pattern at the top. Colorful salt and algae deposits on rocks. A beautiful golden horizon across the ocean.


Bengre Beach near Malpe Homestay: Also known as the Delta Beach. A special feature of this beach is that it showcases a magnificent delta formation where the river Suvarna (Golden River) meets the Arabian Sea. There is a point on this beach where you can actually see the river on the right and the sea on the left merging into a marvellous water body in the center. This is also a hotspot for catching fish. So if you have a line, bring it on! The Kodi Bengre beach is about 10 km from Balakrishna Malpe Homestay


Kaup Beach near Malpe Hoemstay: Kaup beach is a uniquely beautiful beach about 15 km from Malpe. It is about 20 km from Balakrishna Malpe Homestay. The beach hosts a superbly maintained lighthouse from the British Era. This lighthouse is still fully functional and one can see its huge lights going around after sunset. The view of the beach, the arabian sea and the Kaup village is fascinating from atop the lighthouse. If you’d like to enjoy the view, make sure you reach here before 5 pm. The gates close by 6 pm. There are also some huge rocks on the Beach here that allow you to get a great view of the sea and the shore.


Padubidri Beach near Malpe Homestay: Padubidri beach is probably the flatest beach on this coastal belt. A school right across the beach makes a unique sight. The beach is clean and well maintained however you do not find a lot of shops or eateries around this beach yet. So make sure you carry some supplies for yourself if you plan to make a trip here. Padubidri beach is approximately 22 km from Malpe homestay balakrishna


Churches near our Homestay: There are a couple of very beautiful churches in Santhekatte at a walking distance from our Malpe Homestay. Well, depends on what you consider a walking distance. Within 1.5 to 2 km. Mt. Rosary Church and Milagres Church are both a part of the heritage of Santhekatte and very beautifully maintained. One very well known church is the Attur church about 40 km from here in a town named Karkala.


Cowshed in Udupi Krishna Math Temple: If you have children in your group who’d like to enjoy some time playing with cows and calves, spend some time in the cowshed behind Udupi Krishna temple.


Birds and animals around: There is a rich variety of fauna and flora that you will see around this place. The species vary with season, but every season brings its own surprise. Keep a look out! Indian Peacocks, White crowned eagle, Mynahs, Black Cuckoo, Bulbul, Parrots, Squirrels, Mongoose etc are some of the common sightings. One of the reasons why our homestay is a perfect place for a great family holiday.